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My Dream of The Division of The People

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

I want to tell you about a dream I had last night...

I saw the world and its division…

I was in a village where I met two groups of people,

They were once unified in their village but they became divided by a cause…

I saw a group of people that were sad, scared, and disconnected from each other.

They were hiding their faces and standing far apart hoping that this would keep natural causes of nature away from them and their families.

I asked my guide in deep despair, “What happened to these people!?”

This group, my guide showed me, was disconnected from Mother Earth, their ancestors, their culture, and the roots of who they are.

This was causing them extreme confusion in their identity and as a result, they only identified with the things of the apparent world.

As they had forgotten who they were and got lost along their journey of life, they began to follow the voices that spoke the loudest.

These voices told them that there was danger and that in order to be safe they needed to contract in their energy and take shelter immediately for the sake of all mankind, and so they did.

The more that they listened to these leaders, the less they celebrated life, and the less they celebrated life, the more they perceived the world as a dangerous and nearly uninhabitable place.

My guide then took me to the other group of people…

These people were celebrating life.

Their faces were bare, only covered in tribal paint that represented the connection to their lineage.

They were already connected to it before they were told to be afraid, and thus they were able to continue to live in certainty and joy.

They were breathing deeply and allowing life-force to flow through them,

Something that became a foreign concept to the other group that seemed to be misguided and afraid.

They danced in a drum circle and hugged their brothers and sisters…

Their faces were visibly filled with joy and gratitude as they allowed themselves to be guided by the land, by the ancestors, by their own compass, and by their own truth.

The group soon took their drum circle on foot with them and walked through the village.

With love and harmony, they wanted to give the others an opportunity to dance and feel the same bliss that they did.

With all of their energy and aliveness, they sang and shouted, “BREATH IS LIFE!! Thank you Mother Gaia for your medicine!”

As this group managed to bring the livelyness into the village and shift the vibration of the people, some of the people from the other group joined them, while others shouted, “ BREATH IS DEATH!!!”

They looked at the people who were dancing with disgust and scorn as they believed with every ounce of their being that they were putting everyone in great danger.

The whole village could feel their anger, and yet they continued to dance and play with the spirit of the land, the spirit of the ancestors, the spirit of the cosmos, the spirit of each other, the spirit of the animal kingdom, and the spirit of themselves.

Towards the end of the journey, the group that was filled with love and light, celebrating life got bigger as many of the others chose a more peaceful way to live.

They chose to all live in harmony and take care of each other, while the others chose to continue to hide their faces in fear of what might happen and remain disconnected to the meaning of life itself.

At the end of the dream, my guide said to me, “Your people will be faced with this choice and it is up to you to remind them of the meaning of life. It is up to you to remind them of their purpose and of how to live in unity for the highest good of humanity. Lead the way through fear and remind them to celebrate life.”

It is my duty as a leader and a messenger to share this with you, and regardless of what group you belong to, I hope that you will share this too.

For The Highest Good of The Human Race,

Raven Of Gaia

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