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“Raven has an extraordinary ability to bring someone into the present moment where they realize all their power lies. While sharing with her a struggle I was experiencing, she immediately brought me back to the present moment where I had the power to change the patterns that she picked up on, and create a new future for myself.In response to her presence, energy, and powerful words, I immediately felt my subconscious visceral energy system shift into a pleasant, soothing, uplifting, and hopeful state. I could suddenly feel my improved future in front of me and I instantly felt happier. I knew at that moment that my dreams were coming true any day as a result of the shift she helped me create. I was blown away by how much better she was able to make me feel, and how much better my future had become because of her gift. I feel very grateful.”


~Goldy Handler, NYC, X-Ray Vision Readings and Healing


“I would definitely recommend Raven as a coach! I was so scared to step into my power, and Raven walked me through it and encouraged me to take action. It’s immensely beneficial to have such a nurturing yet strong support when going through new changes, and that’s exactly what Raven provides.”


~Shelby Nicole Lane, California

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Raven has the uncanny ability to make others open up and feel safe in the process. Her guidance is life-changing, bringing out your vision of your best self and how to bring that vision into fruition.

She is dynamic yet humble creating an atmosphere where one can feel their potential and belief in real transformation. Raven has the tools and resources to truly help individuals in all areas of their life. If you want a big positive change/shift in your life than Raven is the coach for you. You will find through even an initial meeting that you can believe in her and believe in yourself. I highly recommend!

~Beth Cohen, Philadelphia, Business Development Executive


I met Raven in September through an empowerment group. Her energy was so strong and warm, I immediately knew she was meant to be part of my journey. I have dealt with a lot in the short time we have known each other and she has been there for me, guiding, advising, and teaching along the way. She has an amazing natural gift that is hard to find. Raven has opened my eyes to so much, shown me how to connect to my spiritual self and for that I am eternally grateful. She is genuine, kind, and sincerely cares about her clients. I would recommend her to anyone looking to take the next step in their journey.

~Melissa Corbin


My experiences working with Raven was amazing, to say the least. Raven displayed extreme professionalism and expertise in providing feedback on how I could improve my conversation with potential clients. She was able to properly direct and detect issues during our conversations and guide me in the right direction for future encounters. When it comes to selling, I think it’s important to practice with someone who understands the craft, and Raven displayed just that. Overall I would say it was a great experience.

Mario Saint-Fleur , Philadelphia, PA

Founder - MonoDestination Designs

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