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I have always been sensitive to energy and have had a passion for all things healing and metaphysical. I have the ability to see people and their situations fully for what they are, so I can understand them deeply. I’ve always had a knack for tuning into energy, working with energy, and ritualistic practice. I offer my sacred practices to the public, helping many people find a more healthy, whole, and balanced sense of self.


What is the aura or energy body?  


The aura or the energy body is the electromagnetic field that surrounds our body that is made up of what our physical cells are emitting. Our bodies emit all emotions, thoughts, food that we consume, and anything else that is going on within the mind and body. This makes up our energy. 


The energy body can do 3 things; it can receive signals, it can transmit signals, and it can transmute signals. Life is an infinite energy exchange. The energy that is received and transmitted is what makes up your physical experience. When aligning your energy regularly, things in your life begin to align and flow. 


What is shamanic healing?


In indigenous cultures, shamans are healers that serve their tribes by working in between the subtle and the physical realms to bring medicine and healing to their communities. Shamanism is the oldest metaphysical practice known to man and it is where all magickal sects, religions, and orders come from.

What is light language? 


Light language is a channeled vibrational frequency that usually comes in the form of sound and transmits healing codes to the individual receiving it. It is channeled from higher dimensions and works like a tuning fork, tuning your energy to the exact vibration that it needs to be on.

What is the shadow/ shadow work?


In psychology, the shadow is the unconscious aspect of the self which the ego has disowned or chosen not to identify with. One might suppress or repress aspects of themselves into the shadow that they deem as negative or unacceptable to them. The reason why we do this is usually that these aspects of the self were rejected at some point by our families and/or society during upbringing. When these aspects are rejected by parents/ society, for the sake of social survival, we reject these aspects of ourselves. This can also happen with aspects of ourselves that we simply don't want to look at. The biggest misconception about the shadow is that it is made up of negative aspects. Positive aspects can also be placed in the shadow if they are rejected by the ego.

It is important to bring aspects of the shadow to light because when aspects of ourselves are in the shadow, we are fragmented. When doing shadow work, either by yourself or with a healer, you allow those aspects of yourself to surface so that they can be integrated into your experience and you can become whole. (See my services page to read about my Shadow Work sessions)

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