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Beautiful Mother Gaia

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

Beautiful Mother Gaia,

I honor you as I honor myself.

I am only an extension of you,

and your children are extensions of me.

Beautiful Mother Gaia,

I thank you for the animal kingdom that I get to be a part of,

as I understand that I too am an animal with an advanced mind.

I am sorry that my species forgets this at times,

our advanced minds create illusions of separation.

Don't worry Mother Gaia,

I am working hard at trying to inspire your people to come to themselves,

so that they can come back to you.

Beautiful Mother Gaia,

I thank you for the plant kingdom which brings me medicine and food that sustains my physical life.

I am sorry that my species is hungry.

There is too much factory-made food and medicine going around.

The human race is dying senselessly.

I'm working hard to remind them that you have everything that we need.

You see Mother Gaia,

we are not bad...

we're just not as smart as we think we are.

I we were, we would be a lot more consciously evolved.

Beautiful Father Sky,

Thank you for keeping us sheltered and safe in our mother's womb.

My species forgets to honor you too.

They forget that we are here because of you,

and that after all, we have your personality...

The constellations tell the story of our lives.

Beautiful Mother Gaia and Beautiful Father Sky,

I am sorry that my species has defiled and degraded you this way.

May the human race find oneness with you again,

as so many have gone astray.

I can only hope that your children are inspired enough to share this today.

With Love,

Raven Of Gaia

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