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What Is Love?

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

What is love?

Love is a choice…

Love is choosing to see the other as an extension of the self.

Love has no conditions, it just is.

Love is pure.

There is no such thing as true love because if it’s not true, it’s not love.

Love is seeing the soul of another being deeply and completely.

Love is healing.

Love is hard to come by.

Love can be painful.

Love is the force that drives life.

Love is lifeforce.

Love is a vibrational frequency.

Love is the feeling that you get when you look into someone’s eyes and see beauty in their soul.

Love can be made all night and forgotten in the morning.

Love can be made all night and remembered for a lifetime.

Love is beautiful and chaotic.

Love is peaceful and safe.

Love is desired by many, but not by all.

Love is practiced by some in this world.

Some who desire love never find it,

and some find love and destroy it.

Love is lost in the world looking for a good home.

Everyone wants one until they realize how much responsibility it actually is and then they throw their love away.

Love is diving into the ocean of your soul through your body when we make love all night.

Evol is love spelled backward… Evil is what happens when you take love away.

Love is not black or white, but grey.

Love does not judge because if it judges, it’s hate.

Love is nothing else but love.

When I say I love you, I accept you as an extension of myself.

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